We’re the region’s leading independent healthcare agency with offices in Sydney and Singapore. We believe conformity should never get in the way of delivering change, and a healthy dose of creativity gives birth to the best ideas. We’re driven by restless minds and a crazed ambition to change the health of our society and environment for the better.

6 things about the ward

We're the most awarded independent healthcare agency in the region for creativity and effectiveness.

Our head office is housed in what once was Australia's largest maternity ward. In fact, some of our staff were literally born into this agency.

One of our medical writers and one-time crazed cockroach scientist, bred the world's first "germ-free" cockroach.

Red wine is the drink of choice in the agency, especially cab shiraz. Only because it's good for our health.

We helped change the law to save the endangered grey-headed flying fox from extinction.

We introduced keep cups throughout the agency to help reduce the 2.7 million disposable cups thrown out every year.

Staff on the ward

We’re a magnet for bright people. Our team of inspired individuals bring their own unique skill sets to every brief and workshop. Match this with a culture of collaboration and we have the prescription to create real change every day.

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Brands we work
to create change

From FMCG, NGOs and retailers to pharmaceutical companies and biotech, our clients are a diverse mix, with a common desire to create change to achieve results.